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My tears and my sweat stay warm with a vision of you driving me home


I've been managing fine.  Unslept, but fine.  And I'm content for the most part.

We ended up winning a lot of awards at the MUN conference (yes, our pathetic, 8-member delegation), including the first place (3 delegations got it) award.  It's currently sitting beautifully in one of the glass displays next to Miss Mackay's room, above the AP plaques. :)  And we won the top/outstanding delegation awards in each of our committees.  Brad and I also won Top Position Paper in our committee, which was really sad considering that we didn't finish our paper until the day before the conference.
It was fun, nonetheless.  Disregarding some of the annoying delegations from other schools.  38 countries were represented at the conference, I believe.  Not too shabby.  Lee and I are hoping to go to the 3-day Western U.S. conference for MUN next year.  Oh, I forgot...
Say hello to your new Model U.N. president for the 2007-2008 schoolyear!!!!!  Well, co-president.  Lee and I are sharing the presidency.  We won't be near as amazing as Cathy, but...oh well.  I'm excited to be heading it.  
I think I have a pretty good chance for the DA presidency as well, so yay.

Today held a rather pleasant surprise:

3 people were nominated from our school for some national achievement award in writing.  Me, Hyung, and Julianne.
I'm way enthused over this opportunity, but also a little nervous.  We get to take some two-hour essay test in March.  And send in some of our work to a state coordinator. 
I hope it's a good experience.

Now I'm just relieved that I have nearly everything for my college app solidified.  I was worried that the "awards, honors, etc. received" area on the Princeton app would look sort of blank, but now it should be pretty filled up now.  This year's been great.  Plus, lots of clubs mean....lots of yearbook pages!  Yaay! 


But I'm not really mad.

In fact, I even invented a super-awesome recipe in honor of her.  Or rather, I added kissables and LOVE to the ol' puppy chow/muddy buddy mix.
That's right...  They're called Muddy Tuddies!  And are quite tasty. 

My Warped Tour toes have also, finally, for the most part, healed.  6 months.  Whoa.  Basically, going to Warped means you end up seeing crappy bands, get heatstroke, and getcompletely beat up.  And speaking of shows, Against All Authority is playing March 3rd.  I'm thinking I may go see them again this year, although I'm not so fond of their new stuff.

And I'm rambling and blahblahblah.

Oh, and today (wow, I typed "Tuddy" at first) is the first day of February.  So..
and more importantly, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

Let February be a wonderful month before the horribly busy month of March !  Poo on March. 

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