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I've all these songs in my head that I just can't write

Finalllllllllllyyyyyy term 3 is over (although it actually went quick)!!  I had such a stressful week.  BUT...I got 8 hours of sleep last night for the first time in a while...and I feel great.

Plus, it's been super sunny this week!  I was all bitter for being too busy to play outside, but I forgot about school today and played for hours.  Chris and I played racquetball against Qiang and his girlfriend at BYU for a while.  Basically, Qiang did all the work for their team and still beat me and Chris (who was a lot better than me).  I'm not used to the way the ball bounces (tennis is still better!).  But at least I hit the ball instead of standing in the corner.  And then I redeemed myself by owning at ping pong. :P 
I'm so madly in love with this change of weather.  I just wanna dance around in the sun!!!  But I'm biking and playing tennis tomorrow so YAY!!!!!  And documenting my day in PIX.  Oh baby.
Sometimes I wonder why I'm so obsessed with school when what I really love is sitting down and painting or playing outside.  I guess I'm just overwhelmed a lot of the time.

I'm just relieved that March is half over.  Just gotta get through a few more weeks.  Not terrible, just the state math contest, comp gov't nigeria, and chemistry olympiad (I don't think I'll make the national test though...dammit Zane and Joe Cardon!) to add to my usual workload.  AND PAY FOR MY AP TESTS. GRRR. Timpview decided they want to raise the test fees this year...which I think it completely stupid considering that it costs the school what, $15, to order each test?  grrrr.  Then they use all their money to redo the soccer field every damn year.

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