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My immune system decided to curl up and die

So I got home around 1:30 am Friday night, developed some cough around 2, went to bed just before 3, and got woken up by noisy soccer players outside my window at around 7:45.  Because I'm amazingly smart, I decided to go biking in the canyon despite being weak/feeling sick on Saturday. So I came home and promptly developed a fever.
Nothing worked!  My folk remedies didn't do anything, so I took tylenol before I went to bed.  Then I woke up with an even higher fever.
So basically I've been in bed most of the day with a temperature of around 104 degrees.  But at least I've managed to get SOME hw done... though it was really painful. :P  Mostly I've been attempting to catch some sleep and reading Chomsky and AP gov't stuff.
Thank god we're testing block schedule tomorrow...I can't even imagine doing calculus right now.  I'm just relieved I got 3 hrs of chem done yesterday (grr...double the amt of hw for block schedule...) before my fever shot up to 104. 

I think I'ma skip ceramics and art tomorrow to come home and sleep. And do calc/gov't/work on OMS essay.
I'm so sickly lately...

I just hope I'm all better by Saturday morning...  Taking the chemistry olympiad! (which I haven't studied for at all...dammit)

I'm gonna get off the comp before my head explodes.

P.S. Failed States is brilliant.


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