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Revolution rock... I am in a state of shock

I've been camera-less for a few weeks now.  It's quite depressing; I see pictures I want to take everywhere.

At least I've got my phone. <3

And its crappy-quality pics.           ....I look creepily pale in that pic.

I hiked 8 miles with my mom on Sunday.  We both intended to go further in, but we ran into a rattlesnake, which put her off from going in more.
I want to start hiking every week.  Anyone up for it with me?

Well, school starts in less than week.  I hope this year is good.  I'm scared I'll be busy all the time.  I don't really want to do debate this year, but I think Aimee wants me to be her policy partner... Even though we all decided Utah policy debate was a joke.  Hmm.
Hey, maybe I'll motivate myself enough to actually study for the SAT too.

The other day I decided to bike across town out of boredom.

A storm was coming in, and I snapped this photo with my phone:

Had to share that pic. =]   There was lightning flashing around where the sky was a warm color, but I didn't capture it.
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