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You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can't predict the weather

I played tennis in the rain today, with Chris Cullen and Dan at Kiwanas.  I'd been dying to play all week, ever since the US Open Championship!  But ....didn't find time till today.

They were taking me home when we caught Mr. so-and-so on my front lawn with a large amount of string--  they got me the hell out of there (but not till after Mr. so-and-so looked directly at me D: ).  Chris got us ice cream and didn't take me home until an hour later, only for us to find strings tied all around the front lawn, and running down the neighborhood.  So, I had to follow all the strings in the rain (or rather, Chris and Dan followed them, while I froze to death and tried avoiding tripping over them all) before any of my neighbors got to it.  Haha, strings.  Clever.

Yeah, so....homecoming.


Not that I wasn't suspicious.  Why are people predictable?

I doubt I even have time for it.  I've been studying a lot.  But it's been sort of paying off!   Some kid and I both got 97 on the ap chem test this week...  But Hyung got 100!! >O (damn).  I had a small hope of the high score.  I was a bit annoyed (though very pleased with my score XD) over my essay test in Gov't from the 2001 AP test.  Miss Mackay seemed to have taken off half a point for no particular reason, on the paragraph where I discussed the elastic clause and judicial review.  I totally owned the sample essays!  Hmph.  Except one sentence about the McCulloch case that didn't quite make grammatical sense.  But still!  I'll shut up about that now.

I was depressed most the week.  Spent an awful amount of time trying to decipher whether I was living for anything or not, and over the meaninglessness of life in general.  You know, some days, I spend my time dreaming up revolutions and being all idealistic; and some days I have no faith in anything.  Bipolarism?  I don't know; I spend a lot of days in between.
I wish I believed in something, because I doubt everything at one point or another.

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