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Got our good luck charms on the dashboard

I'm sick of people being materialistic shitheads.  I don't know about you, but I prefer not to waste time thinking about what items I'll be spending my money on next, and complaining about items I can't afford.  It's petty and stupid.
I'd very much like to tell everyone to stop being ignorant morons.  And then there are those people who pretend to be interested in world issues when they don't really give a shit.  And people who call themselves activists, and then don't do a single thing for what they claim to believe in.  I'm not saying that I'M necessarily an activist; it's just that apathy is a great annoyance of mine.  I'm going to kick the next person who says "I'm against it, but there's nothing I can do about it".  Uhh, nice excuse, asshole.

adfasdfasdf.  On other topics...
Awesome...  Totally aced today's AP chem test.  Apparently, I've been setting a trend of getting 97 every other test.    Aaand 99 on the calculus test.   101% on the ap govt.   Good testing week.
Oh baby.
There was a time when I wondered whether the education obsession was what I wanted, but I think I do enjoy the ap program.  It keeps me busy.  Timpview better be able to fit in the 5 ap classes I'm taking next year.  Or else it'd suck, and I'd lose my chances of being an AP scholar.  Grrrr.
I think it's funny how the Harvard representative made everyone suddenly think they could get in.  I've heard a bajillion people say they want to go to Harvard now.  Hey, well, the school'll get rich off your application money.  To be honest, the only person at our school who I think is capable of getting in..is Zane.  And he deserves it.

So what else have I been up to lately?  Well, being tired, for one.  Got home around 1:30 am Saturday, got up early Sunday, and have been studying into the night everyday this week.  I don't mind anymore, though.

I finally got a hold of a camera last week, after being camera-less for quite a while.  I'll post pics!  And then there are those China pics which I promised in what, June? July? 
Which reminds me...I'm pretty sure my eyes were closed in the group picture at Homecoming.  Oops.  Hahaha.  No retakes on that...

Vicky tells me I really should've done tennis team.  I wish I did.  Although my game hasn't been the best lately...  Lack of practice, I guess. 

Errrgh.  I've been a bit behind on the FFOL issues I had planned to distribute by now.  Gotta get with the game..

And this is just the same old boring LJ entry.

P.S. Tell everyone to stop complaining about gas prices and actually -do something- about them.  Utah's are among the highest in the nation.  We don't like it, but we're still willing to pay that much.  Walking/biking is so much healthier, for both yourself and the environment.

More later, I suppose?
Until next time, then.
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