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We clean up and now it's time to learn

Happy election day!

Miss Mackay was all cute (okay, so she's always cute) today, walking around with her "I voted" sticker! I have a slight suspicion that she voted straight-ticket, but that's fine by me! She voted for Burridge and Ashdown as far as I know. :)
I love her!

The Democrats are totally gonna take the House. First time in over ten years! I'm not so sure about the Senate... But hopefully they'll still make some gains.

I've been fine. Extremely busy, but fine.
I still wonder if I have faith in anything at all, and I still go through short spells of depression and confusion, the same old disillusionment I found during my summer of reading German philosophy (although at the same time, being filled with the inspiration of anarchist literature), but I'm good. And I don't regret anything in my life anymore.

This year has gone by really fast. November already! I normally suffer from pre-winter depression, but it's been sunny, despite the cold air. :]
This year is going to be good.
I've been working really hard lately. Piles of AP work, music, art, debate, other extracurricular. Model UN is starting, and I'm thinking of doing it this year... Missed out last year cause I didn't want to represent Finland! I just don't think I'll be able to balance it out with everything else I'm doing.
Oh well. Je suis content! Speaking of which, I miss French.
My piano teacher decided that I should major or minor in music when I go off to college in two years. "Fat chance", I say. But she still wants me to continue studying music. SO...that means lots of time-consuming music theory. And November also means I pull out my Tchaikovsky and continue my annual tradition of playing something out of the Nutcracker Suite for the Xmas recital.


Oh yeah. Halloween was last week. I was an Asian tourist! Fresh off the boat, baby!
Chris decided to cancel on me, so I hung out with Brenda/Trevor/Jess/Harry/some Jon kid.
I wish I went to the AP Chem BBQ though. Even though I don't eat BBQ.
Basically, half of our class decided to show up on Shelton's lawn and have a barbecue. Turns out, Shelton didn't inform his wife of his class's plans, and she called the police and fire department. Hahaha. Go ask Krys about it.

Dance & other activities on Friday, & a city council meeting (okay, so I think we've already established the fact that I'm a bit nerdy) coming up!

And now I'm off.
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