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Another day older and deeper in debt

Well...I'm currently running a fever and set to take the SAT tomorrow morning.  What a terrible 5 hours that will be.  Plus I'm missing the surprise party Aimee's dad had planned for her tonight.  Damn.

I seriously have no idea what I have.  Mostly cold symptons, but I've also got other weird symptoms that I've never experienced before.  Hmm.

Both my mom and I aren't too fond of modern American remedies (tylenol, aspirin, etc), but downing Chinese herbal tea (which usually rocks) for the past few days hasn't helped.
Guess I'll try make some ginger tea tonight.

Tomorrow was supposed to be SAT, piano lesson, biking, and plans with MORP group (except that I decided I'm not going to the dance, so I'll have to inform them XD).
I think I will abandon all of those plans, except the SAT.  Hopefully I'll be in a good enough condition to get through the test okay.  If I am...I'll try to show up for open studio in the afternoon. :)

I'm still not giving up my teas and folk remedies!
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