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Will you keep your ideologies or throw them all away?

I've been missing freshman and sophomore year terribly lately.  Being a junior is so.... weird.  High school feels close to being over.  I've wanted to leave for so long, and college is the way out of here, but there are some things I'll miss.

This post was originally going to be another post about school, but I'm sick of it.  Between this year's workload of 4++ hours of homework each night, instruments, and being so pressed for time, I can't seem to do much I enjoy lately.  I don't know whether I'm doing this for myself or my parents or whatever...
At least I still waste part of my weekends.  I'm gonna try not to think of what it'll be like when debate season starts, or in April, into the heavy preparation for AP tests.

I've been meaning to update my LJ all week, but haven't gotten around to it until now.  And now I've forgotten most of what I felt like saying all week.  However, I do want to share this picture I took with my phone driving down univ pkwy?  Whatever road that was.  Facing Utah Lake.  I'm horrible with Utah streets.

I love it!

I miss French!  I've had at least 6 or 7 people from the class last year, telling me French III sucks without me.  And how Claytie is all quiet without me and Chase to distract him. =(

Blah...  What else have I been up to lately aside from school?

Sami called me last week, just having returned from the middle east.  I was happy, considering that someone had led me to believe that he was dead for a moment-- it was actually pretty believable.  Plus, I hadn't heard from him all summer, which didn't help my being gullible over it.
I also went to dinner with Romrom.  I dropped a peach on the table at some point, and decided to turn the peach into a face.  Then Romrom drew a moustache on it.  It later turned into an IOU note that we left instead of a tip.


I was really angry this week over my lack of attendance at the protests on August 30th.  I had planned on going for a month ahead of time, and I had gotten ahead in classes to attend.  Well, my mom found out, and did everything in her power to keep me away from SLC that day.  Plus, it was my dad's birthday.  It was -not fun-.  I was really looking forward to Rocky Anderson's speech(es).  I have a lot of respect for him.  It was probably the worst part of my week, missing it.
Now I have to wait until next year...    Unless some sort of crisis happens here.

We watched a few minutes of George Dubya speaking for the Orrin Hatch fundraiser in AP Gov't (you know, because Hatch definitely needs any more money ...harhar).  Of course, at the end of Bush's speech, Ben Harrison clapped.  I asked him if he'd been listening, and he replied that he had heard "some of it -- the part about freedom"  (WOW! TWO LINES!).  He's always been horribly republican, obsessively in love with President Bush, and unaccepting.   But he's funny nonetheless.

Oh well.   I'll try to post more pics now; I have thousands upon thousands that have been building up for the past 2 years.  And then there are the China pics that I said I'd post months ago!
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